French cutting is based on sculpturing, it is a free hand carving out of hair to the finished detail.  It is soft and feminine with flow and movement. It has a natural design by free hand cutting to the contours of the head.  It’s more cutting by feel or by eye.  Scissors and electric clippers or razors are used and any tapering or thinning is done after the hair has been dried.   I can do such haircuts in ten to fifteen minutes, by that time th…e cut is almost dry and very little blow drying without a brush and you have a wash & wear free flowing cut.

English haircutting on the other hand is more like stacking lego blocks, section by section until you have a completed block.  The diamond cut which is a Vidal Sassoon technique from the 60s is based very much on architecture, it works very much on the pattern of a spiders web.    If you can imagine a spiders web in 3D you can see the lines and sections used in this technique.  I find the diamond cut works well on layering and bobs. Blow drying also follows the same routine.

I am not suggesting one is better then the other, French may not suit some people or visa versa. I use both techniques and have also introduced my own style.  I cut hair while its flipped over or I may fade with electric clippers on a finished cut whether its long or short.

I do marry my techniques with French and English cutting but as I never use a brush and blow wave by hand, my clients have a maintenance free hair cut that they can manage without any fuss.

French cutting is more widely used on the continent and New York.  Here in Sydney it is 90% English cutting.  French cutting is a technique rarely taught in Australia and knowing both techniques is of a great advantage.

You can view a good example of French cutting on a Vidal Sassoon TV commercial I did on


The video below shows me dry cutting, representing  ‘DLC’  Sharpline Scissors for our next Haircutting Class…. WATCH THIS SPACE FOR DETAILS 

also check for details…



A Demonstration Class that will improve your individuality and creative awareness……

What Will Be Covered ..

Scissor cutting techniques ..

  • Freestyle to Geometric
  • Front to Back and Back to Front Layer Cut
  • Freestyle Pixie Cut
  • Waterfall Freestyle Cutting

This Look and learn Class will increase your flexibility and control and bring out your individuality.

These techniques can be put into practice in your Salon immediately and will improve time efficiency with your clients.

As well as showing you the cutting techniques I will tell you about the history of cutting pre Sassoon days.

We will also have a Q & A on any haircut you may be struggling with.

We will provide live models and will explain the correct scissors for Dry and Wet Cutting.  The scissors used are from Sharpline Premium

Cost for the Class is $250.00 …. Deposit of $100 to be paid on booking and balance payable prior to Look and Learn Class.

The Class will be held at the Larmont Hotel Level 7, 2-14 Kings Cross Road, Potts Point NSW

Email for details prior to booking

Enquiries will be taken regarding One on One Classes















Sharpline Scissors

I love the way Dario cuts and so I’m happy to get involved with sponsoring Dario Chicco Cut Class Education and the ” DRY CUT FREESTYLE Masterclass ” . Dario pr…esents the Web Cut, the Waterfall technique and how to easily cut dry to follow the natural texture and flow of the hair. Great techniques that are invaluable for cutting wavy and curly hair. The class is four hours long, hands on, step by step with both models and dolls heads. Held on the Monday afternoon, 31st August at the Adina Hotel which is on George St, at Central station (across the road from the Ultimo TAFE ) . Price is $195 which includes dolls head, you can book your seat through my online shop page here.…/





As I teach sculpture freestyle ‪#‎haircutting‬# without the use of brushes and products and have done cutting shows at ‪#‎hairexpo‬# for ‪#‎Jaguarscissors‬### and ‪#‎Instyle‬# I am now able to do in house in your salon demonstrations and education on Mon Tue. You can see my work and history on or check out for my weekly images and thoughts on ‪#‎naturalhaircutting‬# that will halve the time that you practice and benefit your ‪#‎hairsalon‬#. I demonstrate on all forms of cutting  ‪#‎straighthair‬# ‪#‎curlyhair‬# ‪#‎afrohair‬# ‪#‎bobhaircut‬# ‪#‎pixiehaircut‬# ‪#‎freestyle‬# ‪#‎undercut‬# ‪#‎clippercut‬# ‪#‎precisionhaircutting‬# ‪#‎washandwearhair‬#


5th MAY 2014


Hair Cutting & Hair Styling Event with Dario Chicco & Renee Sayed
The importance of this combined cutting and styling Look & Learn event is that, with the freedom of a balanced haircut your styling won’t be time consuming.
Learn how to cut hair into shape. This is ideal for the hairdresser wanting to incorporate both cutting and editorial styling. This is a day class that will enhance your already known skills.This event will happen on Monday May 5th Tickets $250 for a full day 9am – 4pm approx.. Demonstration on models not mannequins.
Cutting….I created a unique sophisticated way of cutting that will halve the time you spend on conventional cutting. Participants will be shown how to master the art of sculpture freestyle cutting without having to use a brush for drying.
Styling….From Textured Beach Waves and Slick Runway Pony’s to Tousled Bridal Upstyles and Vintage Finger Waves. You will learn the foundation basics when it comes to creating versatile hair styles for whether it be for fashion clients or large bridal parties, One key focus will be to create the looks quickly but also make it look like hair and not plastered with product.
renee 3 (480x640)

Event Pricing and Information

Diamant Hotel (Suite 7.10, Level 7 2-14 Kings Cross Rd, Potts Point, Sydney NSW, 3825)

05-05-2014  9am – 4pm approx

SIE Member $250.00




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By rethinking and reconstructing my cutting technique I have created a style called the   ” Raw cut “.

By using curved scissors I can cut curvilinear shapes to follow the movement of the hair creating body and volume.

This I demonstrated at Hair Expo trade show , it gives a more gritty feel to my classic cuts but still being appropriate for everyday wear.

LOCATION Suite 7.10/2-14 Kings Cross Road, Potts Point


Link to my Cut Club Education Page

Grooming and barbering, explore the unique knowledge and skills and learn how to be confident in cutting techniques.
The course will cover;
1. Scissor over comb
2. Clipper over comb
3. Short layered & long layered cutting
4. Graduating
5. Tapper & fading
6. Conquer awkward hairlines & cowlicks
7. How to cut with concave scissors
This is a one day course that will cover the above and more. I started as a barber in the 60s when cutting was an art, it was the period of cutting hair into shape, not by using product to shape.
I have cut the Rolling Stones, Santana, Dave Palmer drummer, Rod Stewart band, George Lazenby Australia’s James Bond , Andrew Peacock, Kissy Sellout English DJ, Tom Middleton DJ/Producer, Phil Noyce Film Producer/Director and more.

One on one course available, ask for details.
For bookings call 0416 195060

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Dario Chicco hosted a cutting seminar early this month, revealing a unique individual way of cutting that halves the time spent cutting the conventional way.

Participants were shown how to master the art of sculpture and free style cutting without the use of a brush.


I first did what I call the back to front V cut,” explained Dario.
“It’s a cutting flow of starting at the nape cutting a V upside down and as you cut your way to the front the V opens wider up till the centre of the head, where it has opened to a flat straight line – as you continue the V shape comes in tighter.”
So you start with a V shape at the nape and end with a V at the front.”
Dario continued to use the V method across a variety of styles and forms in what he call Sculpture Cutting – a free hand technique that sculptures the hair to the contours of the head creating soft and feminine lines that have flow and movement.
Scissors and electric clippers or razors are used and any tapering or thinning is done after the hair is dried. Haircuts are completed in ten to fifteen minutes and by that time the hair is almost dry so very little blow drying is done without a brush. The result is a wash and wear free flowing haircut.

Receiving outstanding feedback from participants, Dario has scheduled his next seminar for Monday 4th February 2013.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thank you Wendy for your mention on Twitter
Wendy ILES @ileswendy  15 Nov  2013

For Aussies great cutting school by brilliant cutter…
@DarioChicco .
Retweeted by Dario_Chicco
Photo: Thank you Wendy for your mention on Twitter</p><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>Wendy ILES @ileswendy  15 Nov  </p><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>For Aussies great cutting school by brilliant cutter</p><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>@DarioChicco .</p><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>Retweeted by Dario_Chicco
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April Van Woerkom

Salon Shear Envy

I would like to thank you for the experience Jaimi and I encountered Tuesday 4th Feb 2014 at your salon,  Our eyes have been opened to a new way of helping our clients .
We learnt a great deal and enjoyed it immensely , some valuable information and tips .
Jaimi and I not so experienced in different cutting techniques found your way of approaching and cutting clients very valuable .
Our own hair cuts – feeling great was able to get up this morning without wetting just run fingers through hair and looks good .

Thank you once again
April and Jaimi


Hair On Melbourne-​East Maitland and Thornton
lisa Smythe

“Hi Dario,
Just want to say a huge THANKYOU for carrying out your hair cutting seminar with our team on Sunday 29th September. Your passion, experience, knowledge and general love for hairdressing and everything it represents was infectious and inspiring. Your business ethics, training capabilities and mentoring was unquestionably perfect and highly motivating. All my team have come away with so much inspiration, drive, passion and enthusiasm for hairdressing realizing how much there is to offer our clients. 2 of our girls have over 20 years each experience yet thanks to you, they have a new lease on hairdressing all thanks to you and what you represent. As a salon owner, I cannot THANKYOU enough for all you have done for myself, my team and my salons and look forward to carrying out your techniques in our salons.


Kelsey Roderick
“I really enjoyed my training with you and appreciated learning new techniques. You have renewed my confidence in my ability to get out there again and cut hair.I thoroughly enjoyed my training with Dario to update my skills in mens hairdressing.
His knowledge & experience shared was invaluable and I am thrilled to have been able to participate on live models and learn new techniques.
Dario has a very friendly, warm & encouraging manner and I would recommend him to anyone seeking to train with a highly skilled stylist.
I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet and learn from Dario.
With much appreciation Dario”

“Good afternoon Joanne,
My name is Janemary Manderson, and I have been cutting & styling hair since I was 11, self taught, which was back in 1982… I’ve been styling hair legally since I trained and qualified in 1991, at Cataldo’s Salon in Canberra, also spending years working all over the world on luxury cruiseships as a Hairstylist and Spa Manager, before opening my salon in The Rocks, MOHS Hair & Beauty.
Believe me, I know my stuff as I have trained with, been inspired by, and worked alongside many amazing hair experts from the best salons in Australia and around the world.
On monday evening I attended the demonstration of hair sculpture by Dario Chicco at his salon, Voi in the Diamant Hotel in Kings Cross.
My collegue Phoebe, and I were very interested to find out about the simplicity and flowing cuts that Dario specialises in. It is certainly a point of difference to work without a brush and without product in the hair!
At MOHS Hair & Beauty, we both come from training in, and predominately practice , quite structured hairstyling, using a blowdryer and brush to shape and style the hair, as well as using products, sometimes 5 or 6 different types, throughout the course of a styling session with our clients.
Darios’ approach to Hairdressing, which doesn’t require product, uses only the hands to style the hair, was like a breath of fresh air. It allows the hairs natural fall and shape to dominate, and the cut accentuates the natural flow of the hair.
The level of complexity that the precision cutting style of doing hair teaches, was stripped back by Dario to using his eye for detail and balance and using a flowing and economical technique that I couldn’t wait to try on my clients in the salon the next day. (And there were quite a few happy ladies with new haircuts leaving my hands the next day.)
It made me think of the time when I first started cutting hair and wasn’t caught up with the technicalities of angles and combing and sectioning and filling the hair up with goop to force it into a shape.
Darios’ way of speaking plainly, willingness to answer questions on the minute details of what he was doing, and his openness in sharing his secrets had Phoebe and I in agreement that we would like to adopt these techniques to our repertoire and we will most definitely love to attend more sessions with Dario in the future.
Go and watch Darios’ Videos on you tube, they are amazing, especially the dancer who pirouettes as Dario cuts……….
btw he didn’t pay me to write this :) it’s all true.
Please pass this on to whomever you wish, I certainly aspire to someone being as blown away by me, as I was on Monday night. :) I reccommend that every stylist, especially those who think they’ve seen it all, go watch Dario create his sculptured cuts. I makes you see how much time you waste combing and sectioning, when you could be finishing your look quickly and naturally. It’s not for every client, but we should always try to add new strings to our bow.
I’m glad I saw this on styleicons… give us more training and inspirational evenings please!
kindest regards,”
Janemary Manderson

MOHS Hair & Beauty”


“I must say that i really enjoyed the evening with Dario Chicco and his demonstration of sculpture & freestyle cutting.
From the moment i walked in the door he was a wealth of information and so open to sharing & showing his method of cutting hair into shape.
Without the fuss of precise sectioning. By using his techniques and some funky curved scissors he showed me the end result was a cut which simply fell into place with no need to blow-dry with brushes and products.
It may mean that hairdressers miss out on selling products but we will definitely benefit from happy clients & repeat business!!!

What a talent!!
Terese Pullen ”


Womens Cutting Skills Classes

Improve your skills. Learn to cut hair into shape, not blow wave into shape.

A haircut should take max 30 minutes to cut, by the end of 30 minutes the hair is almost dry and already shaped and all that is required is a gentle hand dry.

Learn how to layer, graduate, taper, fade, free style cutting, front to back & back to front graduating & chopping. Learn the diamond cut, cutting long, medium and short hair with clippers. Learn to forward cut.

My cutting experience is from the French and English and my own techniques from the sixties and seventies, when haircutting was an art. Unfortunately those skills are disappearing. Today it’s all about over blow drying and the use of straightening tongs, which changes the texture of the hair and causes damage.

I can teach groups in your salon or one on one.

Womens Cutting Classes


A demonstration of sculpture and freestyle cutting.
The principals of classic haircutting are timeless. By breaking the rules it allows freedom of expression and creativity.
How I created this unique sophisticated way of cutting that will halve the time you spend on conventional cutting. Participants will be shown how to master the art of sculpture, free style cutting and without the use of a brush.
Join me for this opportunity, I will show you how I cut hair into shape not blow wave into shape.

LOCATION Suite 7.10/2-14 Kings Cross Road, Potts Point

Mobile 0416 195 060