Edward Beale – Myf Warhurst’s Nice

Following Myf Warhurst’s show last week on ABC TV, I came across this group image of Edward Beale’s staff, 1972.
Edward Beale and Bob Leopold would have been the most influential hairdressers in Australia’s hair industry from the 1970s . Edward was emulating the Sassoon style as did Bob Leopold take on the French style. This was the time when hairdressing was all about haircutting. Anyone famous from overseas or local would call in to Edwards salon for haircuts. I worked with Edward for a year before branching out on my own.
At the time in the 1970′s we were constantly harrassed and fined for not wearing a “hairdressing uniform” also you couldn’t cut men’s hair if you had a women’s licence and vise a versa. The fines were quite steep.