A French sculptured movement haircut, that was hand dried with no brushes or product.

  • Mirsad says:

    I agree with you but not with your cited examples. I am liiwlng to bet that Jessica Biel spent much time under a hair dryer to get her look in that particular photo (I don’t know of anyone lucky enough to get her hair to fall that nicely without some help from an electric tool and some styling product). Sometimes you can tell how much styling went into a particular hairstyle other times it’s very hard to tell. Jessica might even have naturally curly or wavy hair for all we know, and straightens is all the time (as many many many curly/wavy-haired gals do). As someone who has short hair, I will give you that this style require more frequent trims, but uses up much less product (shampoo, conditioner, even gell/styling product) than my long hair ever did, and I never have to use a blow-dryer on it (you can’t tell whether the woman in that photo did, either sure most likely SHE did b/c it looks like a staged photo, but a regular woman with a similar style may let it air-dry, as I do each time I wash.