Featured Stylist – Dario Chicco
Australia-based stylist, Dario Chicco, has 50 years of experience cutting and styling hair! Cutting hair has been a lifelong passion and his talent has earned him recognition from Redken and Vidal Sassoon. H…e is a finalist for Hairbrained’s Best Video of the Year award for his work in “Even Further.” He is currently passing his knowledge on to aspiring stylists as an educator. Learn more about Dario’s inspirations, career, and advice in our interview!
BANGSTYLE: Can you tell us a bit of background on your career?
Dario: I’ve cut hair for magazines, the music industry, theatre, film and Hair Expo. My cutting skills have been used for Sassoon and Redken videos. I started as a barber in 1964 at a very exclusive barber shop that also cut women’s hair. It was the beginning of the Sassoon and French wash and wear cuts. Up to the 1970s was the period in this industry that the haircut came first. It was when we would cut and shape a haircut without mouse, jell or products. Now, everyone is product driven.
BANGSTYLE: How did you get your start in the hair industry and how did you know you wanted to make a career out of it?
Dario: I left school at 14 as I was bullied by the teachers and my father’s barber asked if I was interested in cutting hair as a profession. After 3-4 weeks of watching ad practicing on my friends, I was cutting full time. From then I knew, I was meant to cut hair.
BANGSTYLE: Any advice for aspiring stylists?
Dario: As a cutter, don’t always stick to the formulas. Use the formula but let that passion you have, allow you to experiment, combine and use variety to bring out new cutting expressions. Loosen up your mind.
BANGSTYLE: What are some of your career highlights?
Dario: The whole journey from the 60s to now has been my highlight.
BANGSTYLE: Who or what inspires the looks you create?
Dario: My inspiration is very much of the natural free and easy look, classic/modern. Whether it’s the cut of the clothes/fabric or haircut, it will never date. My cuts from the 70s and 80s still work today.
BANGSTYLE: How would you describe your style aesthetic?
Dario: The Japanese expression “Wabi Sabi”; the beauty of imperfection. Hair is not meant to be perfect.
BANGSTYLE: Do you specialize in a certain cut, color, or style?
Dario: Sculpture freestyle cutting, a visual and feel way of cutting but also precision cuts for certain looks. The hair is your canvas. You have 2 ways to approach, freestyle or geometric.
BANGSTYLE: Any at-home hair tips for our readers?
Dario: Ease off the products. If your hair is cut well and balanced, very little, if any, is needed.
BANGSTYLE: Any future plans or goals for your career?
Dario: This year is my 50th hair cutting anniversary. Although I feel it’s just beginning as I’m now passing on my skills, as an educator. I’m dedicating 2 days a week teaching the craft of sculpture freestyle cutting.
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